We perform high-precision cutting on a wide range of materials, including aluminum sheets and profiles, as well as materials such as plastics, wood, and composites. Some of our advanced digital cutting equipment features dual-head saws, specifically designed for complex cutting operations. This technology enhances productivity and precision, even on profiles up to 21 feet long.

Precision Work

Our digital cutting equipment, combined with our technical expertise, positions us as a partner of choice to produce your components, regardless of the material, its length, or the complexity of trimming operations.

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Examples of Cut Parts

Cross-Section Roof Extrusions
Bus Frame Component
Bike Shelter Structure

Maximize the Durability of Your Metal Parts

Through our surface treatment specialized partners, we offer comprehensive support in handling your parts so you can benefit from finishing solutions that improve the quality and performance of your metal parts.

Whether through processes such as anodization, electrostatic painting, or electrodeposition, surface treatments aim to ensure optimal protection and increase resistance to wear, corrosion, salt spray aggression, and the damaging effects of UV rays.

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