Industrie Fabco offers subcontracting services specialized in machining of aluminum extrusions and metal sheets. With over 35 years of expertise, we can produce a variety of components and finished products. We ensure the precision, finishing, and compliance of parts according to the specifications of each order we execute. Our attention to detail and our quality commitment make us a trusted partner to meet your needs.

Turnkey Manufacturing Process

We take pride in manufacturing your components and products while adhering to deadlines. We offer added value through our support and just-in-time turnkey manufacturing process.

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A Variety of Processed Materials

Our expertise in machining aluminum profiles and extrusions is no exception. Our skills cover a wide range of premium materials.

We manufacture components from steel, stainless steel, and plywood. Additionally, we machine composites, polymers, and plastics frequently used for their lightness and durability. Whether it's aluminum, composites, or wood, every processing step is handled with the utmost care to meet your technical specifications.

Composite and plastic

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Rely on Industrie Fabco to produce your parts within optimal timeframes.