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Industrie Fabco designs and manufactures metal parts and an extensive range of products thanks to its expertise in machining aluminum extrusions and profiles. Located in Drummondville, Quebec, Industrie Fabco's 27,000 sq. ft. plant and equipment parks provide an unparalleled production capacity in the machning of metal parts. Whether your project requires cutting, bending, welding, or machining, our transformation methods and attention to detail ensure precision work.

Transport into the Future

Since 1985, Industrie Fabco has been dedicated to developing its products and services to support the growth and dynamism of the transportation industry as well as the urban, agricultural and industrial landscapes—all vast sectors in constant expansion.

As an industrial entrepreneur and founder of the company, Mr. H. Caya saw aluminum as the world's future, a noble and durable material used as a replacement solution to wood and steel. Over the past 35 years, Industrie Fabco's team has succeeded in projecting this vision to become an important strategic link in Canada's aluminum processing and machining chain today, leading to the development of a unique product portfolio recognized by its flagship product, the bus shelter.

In addition to manufacturing outdoor shelters for various uses, Industrie Fabco consolidates its expertise in designing products mainly built with aluminum, including advertising signs, park and bus shelter benches, bike racks, security booths, and prefabricated kiosks, thus asserting its versatility and reputation among a customer base with specific requirements.

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The advantages of aluminum are becoming increasingly recognized in manufacturing innovative and eco-friendly products. Aluminum can be used in a wide range of applications thanks to its incredible versatility. Because aluminum is infinitely recyclable, its combined strength and lightness make it particularly valuable in the transportation and infrastructure construction industries. Its low maintenance requirements make it an enlightened choice conducive to innovation and sustainable development considerations.

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Industrie Fabco is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality products and parts, built upon an expertise in aluminum machining. 


We strive to provide customized solutions that meet the highest standards while continuing to develop flagship products that are essential to mobility.

Through our corporate values, we are committed to accompany our clients in the success of their projects while upholding our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. 


We are committed to creating bold solutions by leveraging the versatility of our expertise to meet the most specific needs.


We focus on enabling flexible manufacturing services through our adaptability and just-in-time project management proven skills.


We believe in listening and questioning to better respond to unforeseen events, meet expectations, and always innovate.


We are authentic, and we respect our commitments. Tailor-made transformation and manufacturing are a matter of trust.


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